Here are a few video stories from the Symphony Sisterhood — from women who’ve been through genomic testing and breast cancer treatment

Lisa gives testimony at Capitol Hill briefing on Personalized Medicine, Diagnostics and Women’s Health, co-organized with AdvaMedDx and the American Association for Cancer Research.

Nicole talks about how MammaPrint® may have saved her life by letting her doctors know that her tumor was high risk even though it appeared to be low risk by traditional parameters.

Dr. Wallentine shares a story about a patient who was not tolerating chemotherapy well and discovered she didn’t need chemo!

Sherri found it reassuring when her MammaPrint test came back and showed that she had a low risk of recurrence.

Mary is confident knowing that she really needed chemotherapy.

Julieta was originally told she needed chemotherapy but wanted to avoid it.

Sandra declined chemotherapy when she found out she was Low Risk and her oncologist agreed with her decision.