MammaPrint 70-Gene Breast Cancer Recurrence Assay

MammaPrint is the first FDA-cleared breast cancer genomic test that classifies your cancer as having either a Low Risk or High Risk of recurrence. It examines 70 of your genes that have been proven to have the strongest association with breast cancer. It has been validated extensively in more than 12,000 patients worldwide.  Recent results from the MINDACT clinical trial, provide the highest level of medical evidence (Level 1A), confirming MammaPrint’s ability to identify definitive Low Risk patients who may safely forego chemotherapy.

Read more here: MammaPrint Genetic Test Can Reduce Use of Post-surgery Chemotherapy Among Early-stage Breast Cancer Patients- (American Association for Cancer Research)

Because it looks at the most breast cancer genes, MammaPrint is the only test of its kind that will give you a definitive result. There is no “intermediate” result that leaves you in limbo about whether you have a Low Risk or High Risk of recurrence or whether or not you will benefit from chemotherapy. The results are always either High Risk or Low Risk.

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Samira Khera, MD,
Breast Surgeon,
Breast Care Specialist,
Kingston, NY

If your result comes back Low Risk, you have less than a 10% chance of your cancer returning in the next 10 years and there is little, if any, benefit to getting chemotherapy. Research has shown that by adding hormone therapy alone, your risk can be lowered to about a 5% chance of recurrence.

If you are in the High Risk category, you have a 29% chance of your cancer recurring if left untreated, and you should consider chemotherapy as part of your regimen. You should also consider having your subtyping performed in order to fine-tune your therapy., breast cancer in women, mammaprint agendia, mammaprint for breast cancer, mammaprint breast cancer



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