Genomic vs. Genetic Testing

In popular media and common speech, the words “genetic” and “genomic” are often used interchangeably. However, in breast cancer diagnostic testing, genetic and genomic testing have specific meanings.

Genetic testing is often used when speaking about hereditary disease. It is the presence of a gene that indicates your inherent risk for developing a disease. For instance, the presence of a defective BRCA gene is best known for passing to the next generation an increased susceptibility for developing breast cancer.

In comparison, genomic testing is done on the cancer tumor itself. They provide you and your doctor information on how this specific cancer tumor is behaving: Is it aggressive and needs aggressive treatment, or is it not growing that quickly and will respond to a milder form of therapy?

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Breast surgeon discusses how genomic
testing predicts tumor responsiveness

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Medical Oncologist states how genomic testing
provides information about YOUR tumor


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